Bye, Britain. I’ll Be Back!

I have been really busy for the past few weeks because there were so much happening right before I left England, hence the little pause on my blog update. I have been out with friends, spending time with my family, visiting Brighton and Thorpe Park (it’s a theme park). To be fair, the weather had not been too bad during my stay in England and it hadn’t rained much. However, it was still quite hard for me to get a nice tan under this unpredictable and breezy weather. So whenever I see a chance to get a bit of colour, I will gladly take it with my pale feet.

There are days when you don’t like showing your toes, especially when your toe nails are chipped and you are too lazy to repaint them – it would be best to wear shoes that are able to cover just your toes, but still can let the sun shine on the other parts of your feet.

This pair of flats is perfect for that. They have been keeping me good company throughout my whole journey, from the fancy restaurant in London Bridge, down to a dodgy club in Camden.



 IMG_2802 pasta


IMG_2808 IMG_2809

IMG_2826 IMG_2821

After some parties with friends in London, I keep to the same spirit and continued my journey to Brighton with my cousin and friends, I did not pack a lot of things with me, but I still brought my little suitcase as I thought it would be easier to walk around with. Brighton is a really beautiful place with loads of memories. I love that place! It was a shame that the weather down there was too cold to swim, otherwise, I would have enjoyed the place even more.


rest2 rest1rest5rest3IMG_2729IMG_2710IMG_2741 IMG_2666IMG_2646

IMG_2634 IMG_2652

IMG_2793 IMG_2653 IMG_2693 IMG_2794



Creepy in a Good Way

On a rainy Thursday, I went to see Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition by myself at Barbican, which has switched my dull afternoon into a fairly inspiring one! To be honest, at the beginning I thought it would be quite dry to see an exhibition by myself but I didn’t feel the same way at all at the end. I felt really lucky to have the opportunity to view his brilliant work from sidewalk to catwalk in this really amazing venue.

Entrance to the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition, Barbican.

It was raining really heavily on my way to the exhibition centre, but that did not kill my mood for seeing the witty and playful work of Jean Paul’s. The moment I walked into the showroom, I got distracted by the slightly wacky mannequins on the raised platforms, at first I thought “are the mannequins really blinking their eyes? Or is it just the rain drops I got from the rain?” I had to wipe my eyes a bit before I realised there were some projectors on top of my head illustrating different faces with movement onto each dummy!



It was really distracting at first with its uncanny human likeness, but I kind of liked it because I did not feel like I was alone when they were talking to me. However, it felt a bit weird when I found myself sometimes laughing at their ridiculous repeatedly playing “conversations”. Yes! The mannequins “talk” to each other sometimes. If this is how we got into an new era with the combination of technology and fashion, I definitely need some time to process the whole thing..

Yet, after all that, it was still a very nice experience.

IMG_2924IMG_2929 IMG_2916  IMG_2917 IMG_2918   IMG_2921 IMG_2925
IMG_2922 IMG_2923IMG_2926

IMG_2928 IMG_2927

After viewing Jean Paul’s work, I completely understand how so many people got inspired by London with its rock n’ roll element and unique style, because I am not an exception either. 



night1 night2 night3

I love this look as it’s somehow unusual and with a bit of chic and rock at the same time if that makes sense. The way I style my smart trousers with my burgundy bomber jacket had made such a contrast to the whole look. The black lace top has also added a bit playful side to it. My style has been changing for the past few years, and I can’t say I have finally settled down, however, I think there’s no harm in experimenting, is there?

Until then, travel in style. 


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