Rich Bitch

I’m still reminiscing about the time I had with my flatmates – they’re the coolest. I wanted to write a separate post about them because I feel they deserve a big intro after the week we spent together. First of all…

Two of them are superstars in the Indian fashion industry.

The other is a sneaky psychologist who always manages to get us to drink without us realising it.

This combo enabled us to have so much fun in just a week.

Aanchal is an Indian fashion blogger. I love her style. Harshman is the guy who has an addiction for expensive, pretty shoes. Angel (the Spanish guy) is not as innocent as his name suggests.

We stole the flag. Yep.



Looking at Harshman’s shoes, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be fun to try on some expensive clothes? So my cousin and I decided to head to Harrods to have a taste of what it’s like to wear something a bit more luxurious. We didn’t have that much time, so we took a detour to Selfridges instead, but it turned out to be really fun aswell.

Disclaimer: We weren’t being brand-obsessed, we were just doing this for a bit of fun.

So here’s the pictures from the stuff I tried on in Selfridges.



These were from Topshop, All Saints and Ted Baker at the Selfridges department store in London.

To keep with the ‘rich bitch’ theme, yesterday I went to Hampstead with my friend, Andreas and my cousin, Janey. Hampstead is one of (if not the) most expensive places to live in London. The day started off at Portabello Road where we looked at some random cool, vintage stuff.

IMG_2109 IMG_2062

We saw this cute little American brunch place called Electric Diner.



We continued walking around Portabello Road and had some amazing street desserts.



The cupcake shop was called Hummingbird Bakery. The cupcake displays looked so magical. Speaking of magical… 🙂




I bumped into my all time favourite Youtubers, Tanya and Jim! What are the chances? I mean, she was an inspiration for me to start blogging in the first place. She started out making Youtube videos and now she has her own makeup line in Superdrug! I really admire her. At the time I met her, I was wearing her line of nail polish. So we had our moment (which you can see in the picture :p).

IMG_2090 IMG_2088 IMG_2083IMG_2107 IMG_2082 IMG_2081

This place is just full of random tchotchkes and hippies on the tops of buildings.

After a day of randomness, we went to our friend’s place to chill and… do some shots and listen to music.



Meanwhile, as we were doing our shots, my friend’s flatmate made my cousin a coffee from this unique coffee perforator.


And we ended the day by going to this even more chill place to do some shisha. My cousin and I don’t like smoking, but we gave it a try. It wasn’t really for us though unfortunately – I just stuck with my drink for the night.

The next morning I was still feeling foggy but I dragged my cousin to the shopping mall and there I saw the most amazing discount at Oasis and got my new black leather jacket. It went down from £58 to… £15! You guys should definitely check out their 70% discount sale! The orange bag was originally £30 but it was discounted to £10! What a bargain!




We stopped to have a look at some of the cool whiskies. And yes, we just had a look!


Grey jacket: Club Monaco
Green top: Bershka
Leather trousers: Cotton On

We will continue to try new and random things to make the fashion blog more interesting and inspiring, because fashion and inspiration is all around us.

What things do you get inspired by?


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